But, please, do enter…

I am currently working on turning lemons into lemonade, turning the small, closet-like hallways in which we have been awkwardly confined, into gigantic corridors in which we can be free to make things happen. If this sounds like a lot, it is. Don’t be alarmed though, I have taken on this huge burden, and well, gift, in order to help restore the world of its positive affluent influences. Instead of letting things happen, make them happen. Make them happen? Make them happen. As the famous quote goes, “you are the driver of your own life, don’t let anyone steal your seat.”

I am the driver, you are the driver; but we are often shoved into the passenger seat, free to only ‘peanut-gallery’ our way through the trip…Lately for me, several obstacles, driven by the presumably evil forces of, “the establishment,” have parked themselves enthusiastically in the middle of my excursion to success…That being said, they have only strengthened my drive. Setting yourself up for failure, should not be the goal, and yet it is accomplished so brilliantly by us without fail. We don’t mean to, but we do.

I once saw a video in one of my college undergrad English classes titled, Fail Faster. Fail faster? Yes! Fail faster, so that the so called, evil establishment can only have a chance to never know what hit them.

And so, “ReplyHere…” readers and followers, I offer this, my positive contribution to the world, my way of turning lemons into lemonade, so that when that day comes for you, there are a many better, opportune moments to succeed slower.